Thursday, 5 March 2009

Ladyman welcomes Euroferries announcement

South Thanet MP, Steve Ladyman, has welcomed the announcement that the new fast ferry service between Ramsgate and Boulogne will start on March 31st.

“I’m delighted Euroferries have been able to put more information about their service in the public domain. By announcing that the scheme has the involvement of Fred Olsen, one of the most prestigious shipping lines in the world, and the leadership of Per Staehr, one of shippings most respected figures, I hope they have answered a lot of the questions people have been asking about the new service.”

“As I did when the original announcement of this service was made I want to encourage local people to save our cheering until the service starts because these are incredibly difficult times to be launching a new business of this complexity and things could still go wrong. Having been closely involved with the team over several years and seen the work they have done in recent weeks I know it hasn’t been easy. That said, the team have made excellent progress and they should be thanked for their efforts and commitment to Ramsgate and to this new service.”

“It will be a major boost for the area and will really give the local economy a shot in the arm and I look forward to seeing the inaugural voyage.”


  1. Boats to Boulogne planes to Jersey Ramsgate is becoming so cosmopolitan even ECR is in Canada

  2. Well a ferry service will not ruin the quality of life like Manston seems to be doing.Lets hope any money it makes for TDC will be used to dredge the millions of tons of sand from the Royal harbour, a direct result of the outer ferry terminals bad design,I hope the ferry has a good echo sounder to find some deep water in the man made mudhole where it berthes.

  3. This service will fail, not enough customers, low value of the pound etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. As usual, well informed positive comments from the enlightened! Is such a sad outlook peculiar to Thanet or is it a British disease?

  5. What I am hoping here is that we will get decent signing to Ramsgate town centre, historic harbour and main sands, both for pedestrians along the old road to the harbour and cars from the roundabout at the top of the access road.

    As many people know there are many advantages to travelling to and from Ramsgate, not the least of which being that it isn’t as busy as Dover or the chunnel, I am seeing an increase in European customers in the bookshop since the pound dropped in value.

    I think we definitely need to make the best of this one and do all we can to make it a success.

  6. Stargazer, you stated "Well a ferry service will not ruin the quality of life like Manston seems to be doing." If that's the case why does the Harbour get complaints from people (not Ramsgate locals I assume) about noise when the ferry is discharging?

  7. Complaints about quality of life usually come from those looking for a life. If you already have one you're probably focusing on the positives, not the negatives.

    I agree 100% with Michael on this one.

  8. All the complaining about ferries was done years ago thats why we have a tunnel directing people away from Ramsgate through the tunnel thus avoiding any chance of visitors


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