Saturday, 28 March 2009


Thanet district Council press release

New family disabled swim sessions are being held each week in Margate.

The sessions start next Saturday (4 April) at Hartsdown Leisure Centre and are aimed at families with disabled children. Taking place between 2.30pm and 4.30pm every Saturday, the sessions organised by Thanet Disability Sports Project are supported by Thanet Leisureforce, Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust, the government and the local Thanet Can-Do organisation.

Those aged 16 and under can swim for free in these sessions, but they will need to join the free swimming scheme by filling out a simple registration form. They will need to show proof of their age and will then receive their "free swim card". There will also be one concessionary adult swim per disabled person.

The Thanet Disability Sports Project, which is part of Thanet District Council, aims to improve sporting opportunities for people with a disability in Thanet through specific disability clubs and sessions, raising awareness, recognising achievements and helping clubs to welcome disabled people.

The project has already created the Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability Football Club, improved beach play facilities and successfully re-launched the disability cycling scheme in Minnis Bay.

Cllr. Shirley Tomlinson, Cabinet Member for Environmental Services, said: "These sessions will be a great opportunity for families with disabled children to enjoy time together at the pool. The council's Disability Sports Project has already had some great successes in organising activities and events for those with disabilities and I'm sure this will prove to be another popular session."

For more information about the Thanet Disability Sport Project, contact the team on 01843 577673 or visit


  1. Michael

    I used to be a helper with the Thanet Beavers Swimming Club for Disabled, Staff at Margate swimming pool and after we moved to Ramsgate pool in 80s were excellent. I think one of the helpful young lifeguards is now head of beach safety. Good lad.

    Story from 80s. Helpers included a number of physios including the supt physio a blind man who had an alsatian guide dog. Two of his junior staff physios at the hospital were Southern Irish who also helped with Beavers.

    I will call them Irish him and Irish her. Irish him was a blackbelt judo and as fit as a fiddle. Irish her did Jazz dance. Both were a great great laugh and the disabled loved them.

    The story was that Irish him was due for promotion interview at the hospital. So organised with Irish her to bring his dry cleaned suit in to work for him to change into just prior to the interview.

    Come the time he nipped into a physio changing cubicle and upon Irish her's instructions threw out his clothing.

    "Will ye be throwing yer clothing out big man .. there's no room in there for yer old clothes and yer clean undies socks shirt and suit."

    Irish him fell for it and ended up naked as a jaybird shouting for his interview clothes just as his name was called out.

    So he squints out of the cubicle and asks a nurse "Psss look to see if the boss is interviewing on his own"

    Nurse nods.

    Up the corridor walks naked Irish him and into the interview. Knowing the boss is blind.

    At the end of the interview boss tells him "Right well done you are promoted. But I cannot say I am too happy about it all"

    "Whys that" sex naked Irish him

    "Because Irish her bet me you would have the bottle to be interviewed by me whilst you are stark rollocky naked"

    The blind boss was in on it.

    Irish him and her went to Corpus Christi Texas working as physios ... America's gain was our loss. Great people.

  2. Bet Peter C wish he had been there with his camera


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