Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Pleasurama Roof

There seems to be a bit of a kafuffle going on today about the new Pleasurama plans, Dave Green has drawn our attention to the new roof design which does look like it may have gone back to a sloping roof sticking up in the way of the view.

Click on the picture to see what you make of it, does anyone know what’s going on?
It says on the planning drawing “roof plan amended to reflect revised residential flats types” I don’t know what it means, I just hope it’s not back to corrugated tin as was proposed in the first plans.


  1. This whole saga is ridiculous.

    I would like to understand the developer's thinking here - is he battling against unknown issues to get a workable plan off the ground or is he simply trying it on all the time?

    It isn't reflecting terribly well on his, or TDC Planning Deps professionalism.

  2. Is that it Michael ? Just a Plan View ? Pitch. Elevation. ?

    Yes it is an iterative fiasco.

  3. 16.46 From the people who gave us bigger on the inside than the outside then heads embedded in the ceilings, yes nothing on the elevations but of course we all trust them to give us the best safest development for Ramsgate, don’t we?

    Sure it won’t impede the view either so I am offering a special vote of thanks to the planning department for getting this so cut and dried and so fast.

    Anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on here click on the Pleasurama link below.

  4. Sorry below the post not the comment, must take more water with it

  5. Anti-tidal Tardis technology and all, appropriately, under a tin hat ? Well done TDC.

    In TDC world where Archways cannot be Arch villians and the Aquifer can absorb all and ail none. Where severe questions are unanswered yet severance is paid.

    Back to my whisky


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