Thursday, 12 March 2009


Thanet district Council press release

A new campaign has been taken out to pubs and clubs across Thanet to raise awareness about substance misuse and how people can protect their drinks.

The latest initiative follows on from the new anti-drugs posters, carrying the slogan “draw the line on drug misuse”.

Council officers visited a series of pubs and clubs across Thanet on Friday (6 March), including Cramptons, the Dolphin in Broadstairs, the Queens Head, the Sovereign and the Royal in Ramsgate, to hand out “spikey” bottle stoppers. Spikeys are now available, free of charge, at most venues across Thanet – just ask at the bar.

Spikeys are an anti-drink spiking device, which are placed at the top of bottles to prevent drinks getting spiked. Once the spikey is in place, a straw can then be put in.

T-shirts featuring the slogan - 'Who is watching your drink - Stay safe - use a spikey!' have also been handed out to staff, along with posters.

Community Safety Officer Jess Bailey said: “We want this campaign to make people think twice about leaving their drinks unattended. Although the spikeys are a great way of keeping your drink safe, it’s no substitute for keeping an eye on it. You should never leave a drink unattended, as anything could happen to it. We had some great feedback about the campaign from both pub goers and pub managers and hopefully it will get the message across to keep a careful eye on your drink and to always use a spikey.”

Sam Palmer, barmaid at the Dolphin Inn, Broadstairs said of the campaign: ''We already take measures when it comes to drink safety, such as having extra door staff and CCTV, but this drugs campaign and spikeys will hopefully re-enforce this message to drinkers, particularly women, and ensure further safety in bars and clubs.''

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