Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thanet District Council’s Forward Plan just published

There are various web pages that relate to this the easiest to follow being here$$$Plan.doc.htm as it’s in HTML so is viewable on any old computer.

Bit of egg on face for TDCIT there though as the document is titled WEALDEN DISTRICT COUNCIL, let me explain.

If you have limited IT abilities and unsuitable web publishing software, (I should point out here if you have the right software that has been properly configured you don’t need any special skills to publish to the internet,) you can cheat by using someone else’s skills.

So if say you have to produce a document for the internet that has columns images etc and you don’t know how to produce one, you find a similar document elsewhere on the internet, right click on it and click on view source.

Behold the HTML appears, all you have to do then is to change the text in it for the text you want to publish and then put the amended source document on your web server, leaving HTML coding that you don’t understand well alone.

If the engineer who tells you this cheat has a wicked sense of humour he may omit to mention that near the top of the page is the title and the tags for the search engines that you also need to change, or you will be caught out by anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of computing.

Anyway I digress back to the forward plan, links to all of the forward plan documents may be found here.$$$Plan.doc.htm

The title of this page is, forward plan and the tags for a search engine are Council & Democracy
so a search engine looking at it wouldn’t know it had anything to do with TDC, probably as well really.

Update they have changed the title of the page to Thanet District Council Forward Plan
, still no keywords.

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