Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ramsgate Royal Sands Development on Hold

I have been told by a reliable source today that the developer SFP has asked the contractor to put the project on hold.

So what was said about not starting until the end of the summer so as not to cause disruption and not being able to have temporary leisure use for the site because of preparation work seems to be a bit wide of the mark.

Hopefully at tomorrows meeting the cabinet will finally address this issue and we will see something constructive done about the site.

Here is another video of an ordinary spring tide in Ramsgate, which I think illustrates that not everyone runs for cover when the sea offers a potential danger.


  1. All we want to hear is the truth - see no reason to put project "on hold" - how much longer are we expected to look at that eyesore? Perhaps a public protest is called for?

  2. The tin lid on it? Surely even the most grasping must see that this is a pure scam. This dodgy lot are just trying to keep the myth alive untill they can find a mug to sell out to.....

    come on TDC bite the bullet. Admit you made a mistake and let's have the seafront back for the people.

  3. 20:22, you might be closer to the truth than you think.

    Michael, if this does go down without the assistance of the 'briny', what will happen to all those Terence Painter clients handing over their deposits last August? Will they gettheir money back?

  4. I will let you into a secret. No depositors at Terry Painter. No deposits taken. No-one camping outside the night before to bbe first in line.



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