Monday, 11 May 2009

A Message from Daniel Hannan – Our Voice In Europe…

Laura Sandys press release

“On 4 June, many of us will have our first opportunity to register our view of Gordon Brown. Do we think that he is governing in the interests of the country as a whole? Are we content with the level of debt he is heaping on our children? Was he right to cancel the promised referendum on the European constitution?

But let’s not be negative about this. There are positive reasons to vote, too. Kent is perhaps the most successful county council in England, delivering excellent services while keeping rates down – despite Labour’s redirection of resources to its client councils in the North. And the Conservatives have a team of patriotic and determined Euro-candidates who will provide the European Parliament with something it has not had before: an Official Opposition.

To see why this matters, have a look again at my You Tube statement about this Government:

Above all, voting Conservative on 4 June is the best possible prelude to electing Laura Sandys, the liveliest, friendliest and hardest working candidate in England. It will be her job to set about restoring a country that Labour has left indebted and dishonoured.”

Very best wishes

Daniel Hannan

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