Friday, 1 May 2009

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month and here is the Thanet blog chart / referral 862 / referral 295 / referral 166 / referral 147 / referral 89 / referral 85 / referral 65 / referral 52 / referral 51 / referral 33 / referral 27 / referral 27 / referral 26 / referral 22 / referral 19 / referral 19 / referral 17 / referral 16 / referral 11 / referral 10 / referral 9 / referral 6 / referral 3 / referral 2 / referral 2

This is the list of unique visitors that come here from links on other blogs which is the nearest I can get to their relative popularity I should point out that i.e. Thanet Life doesn’t have a live updated link on it. This is because it has been around for so long that its ancient blogger template doesn’t support them and if Simon tries to change it he is uncertain what will vanish forever.

I have put up the bookshop stats as I promised Tony in my comment click here to view them it gives some insight into a part of the internet not normally visible to people without websites. I can tell you that this blog got 2,309 Absolute Unique Visitors last month.

The web stats are mostly interesting in many ways but one if the things I found most interesting, with so many organisations quoting the number if hits their website gets what a meaningless figure this is as you can see my bookshop website got 89542 hits but this meant 5346 visits


  1. Michael, I must be getting boring I didn't even get a hit. Bit like a GB entry in euro vision.

  2. Sorry about that Tony I always manage to miss at least one blog as they are mixed in with all the other sources of traffic in my webstats I will put a link in the post to the bookshop stats to show people how complicated these things are.

    I am sorry that I can’t link to my blog stats but it is impossible to unlock the password on them like I can on the bookshop stats.

    As you can see now I have included you it’s a popular blog and well worth the effort you go to, one I certainly visit often.


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