Thursday, 14 May 2009


Thanet district Council press release

Margate has taken a starring role on national TV, with the remaining contestants on the Apprentice last night (Wednesday 13 May) asked to re-brand the town.

Each of the teams on the show took a different approach to the challenge, with one aiming at the family market and the other targeting the gay market.

They spent two days in Margate, tackling Sir Alan's challenge of producing leaflets and posters to promote the town, before unveiling the results to an invited audience, including Margate's mayor and council officers, in Margate's Media Centre.

Chief Executive Richard Samuel said: "Having the Apprentice in Margate has been a great opportunity and it's given Margate primetime national TV coverage that's been seen by millions. The contestants quickly picked up on many of Margate's major selling points, such as our beautiful beach and the outstanding architecture.

"It was also really pleasing to hear all the positive comments that they made about the community here and that they picked up from local people that Margate is changing. That's definitely the case, with plenty of projects underway, including Turner Contemporary and the funding bid in for the Dreamland site and it's encouraging that the contestants got that message strongly from everyone they met."

He added: "They certainly came up with some interesting ideas, although, as a council, we'll be continuing with our regeneration plans for Margate to ensure that it builds on its unique coastal and cultural heritage."


  1. The only good thing to come out of it was the sale of two ice creams and the rent of two sunbeds...

  2. Whats Richard Samuel know he doesn't live here does he, as far as I know he takes a big salary and spends it elsewhere. great!


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