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MAY 2009



A campaign to fight the threat of fascism in Thanet has been launched.

The campaign, run by the East Kent branch of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), has been sparked by the possibility that the British National Party (BNP) may win a seat in the Euro elections in June.

The BNP are contesting a number of local seats in Kent, including Ramsgate.

Campaign organiser Bunny la Roche said that recent events should give people a “wake up call” about the true nature of the BNP.

Bunny said: “The BNP claims to have cleaned up its act, but this isn’t the case. Recently a BNP manual was uncovered which states that the party’s ultimate aim is the ‘repatriation of the resident foreigners of the UK’. This
amounts to a direct call for ethnic cleansing.”

Bunny said that voters in Thanet should not be complacent about what will happen in the coming election. She said: “People like former cabinet minister Peter Hain have warned of the serious danger that the fascist British National Party could win seats at the European elections on Thursday 4 June.”

“The danger is that disillusionment with the major parties because of the controversies over their expenses, coupled with the rising level of unemployment, will help the BNP get support they should never have.

“The BNP can be defeated at the ballot box,” she said, “but only if people are aware of the danger and turn out to vote against its candidates.”

In the coming days, the UAF will be campaigning across Thanet, giving out leaflets in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate.

Bunny said: “I urge anyone who is worried about the dangers of a fascist party gaining power in Britain to join us in our campaign. Get in touch, come and help us.”

East Kent UAF contact details
TEL: Bunny on 07947 424505


  1. No truck with the BNP here but the SWP (is it not them organising / involved with this?)are as dangerous and deluded as the far-right.

    Try a google-search on Bunny La Roche.

  2. For all your use of the word BNP what you mean is you are actually targeting UKIP because they won Councillors in the region. After your disastrous attempt in Hove to stop Nigel Farage speaking to ordinary decent people and your frankly anti-democratic behaviour in trying to stifle free speech I believe this a campaign designed to stop UKIP getting an MP in the area in 2015.

    Nigel Farage has written to Ed Miliband asking him to get your organisation under control and I hope he does. You claim you fight against fascism yet your violent thugs by trying to stop UKIP engaging with the British public are actually turning into what they are fighting against.

  3. Bear in mind the article was written in 2009!!

  4. Anon 10:43's cooment's are very pertinent after the red hall massive's appalling behaviour in seeking to stifle democracy!

  5. I despise the BNP. Similarly, I despise the Socialist Workers Party. I just laugh at the Red Hall massive.


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