Thursday, 7 May 2009

County Election Campaign Launched

Laura Sandys press release

Vote for a Change on 4th June

We launched our County Election campaign yesterday with excellent candidates in the districts of Cliftonville, Broadstairs, Ramsgate and Sandwich and the villages.
· Cliftonville – Cllr Mike Jarvis and Cllr Chris Wells
· Broadstairs – Cllr Bob Bayford and Cllr Bill Hayton
· Ramsgate – Cllr John Kirby and Cllr Mike Taylor
· Sandwich and our villages– Cllr Leyland Ridings

If you would like to contact your candidate then please email me and i will put you in touch.
If you are not going to be at home on the 4th June do please apply for a postal vote from either Thanet District Council or Dover District Council

David Cameron launched the campaign yesterday and urged people to “Vote for Change” on 4th June

He accused Labour of “running our country into the ground” by “borrowing eye-watering amounts of money, presiding over social decline, (and) letting our politics descend into the quagmire.”

He highlighted the “national importance” of the local elections and urged voters to "give this weak, useless and spineless Government a message it won’t forget” on 4th June:

"With every Conservative vote, that message will be simple: 'Enough is enough. You’re the past.'"

He promised to instruct Conservative councillors, new and re-elected, to “go through the books, page by page, line by line, to see what savings you can make and do everything you can to get council tax down and help people in Labour’s Debt Crisis.”

"Of the councils with the top twenty highest ‘overall satisfaction’ ratings by residents, sixteen are Conservative and none are Labour or Liberal Democrat controlled. This shouldn’t surprise anyone."


  1. Wonder if Laura has actually read the manifesto, since its worth noting, that it looks like some past triumphs they claim come not from the rather dull Conservative group but appear to have been initiated by council officers.

    David Cameron is right to urge a vote for change since, his own colleagues have proved a big disappointment particularly when Paul Carter seemed to step back from answering my concerns, when a KCC project seemed to be threatening my right to express myself.

  2. My understanding is that these press releases put out by Ms. Sandys are issued from a central source and go to every constituency in the Southern Region in an identical form (this one, obviously, slightly amended for the area). I doubt she has a huge input into them.

  3. Tony I recommend you contact her and ask her and would draw your attention to an article she wrote that, that first made me interested in her and made me think she may not be as run of the mill as some candidates, note the date of it

    12.03 I think if you look at Steve Ladyman’s you will find that they are the same.

    Funny that I find myself coming to the defence of both Steve Ladyman and Laura Sandys on this blog.


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