Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A few pictures of Ramsgate and the odd thought.

The gasworks demolition seems to have reached a point where they are fencing off areas and assessing some of the pollution implications on part of the site.

I take the things that look like big dustbin lids to be some sort of attempt to monitor the toxic gasses coming out of the ground.

I wonder what visitors to Ramsgate feel having followed the signs to The Visitor Information Centre only to be directed to Margate, quite a few of the somewhat bemused visitors to the area who wind up in my bookshop, have just come from Margate.

What some of them have to say is hardly printable, tourism with our climate, at this time of year seems to involve walking round the town and harbour and visiting shops cafés and restaurants.

On a day like today (drizzle and a cutting northeasterly) having visited the Turner Contemporary and addressed the themes raised by Tracey Emin’s work, ones options are somewhat limited.

The work on the wall and railings around the eastcliff bandstand looks to be complete.

Sorry that the pictures didn’t publish in exactly the order they were taken, my computer seems a little grumpy this morning.

Here is the link for them http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/510/id10.htm

At the moment none of the three main political parties seems to have managed to form a government and I have mixed feelings about the whole issue, particularly the electoral reform aspect.

On the one hand electoral reform is obviously necessary but as to what voting system would work best for the UK I am not really certain.

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  1. I share your concerns Michael PR is ok in principle but the fine points are at least odd and difficult to implement. Still better minds than mine are working on it so we can look forward to an utter fiasco.


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