Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Not Tracey Emin, I never stopped loving ice cream.

One of Thanet’s neon signs that I find hard to resist is the one on Morellis in Broadstairs, this ice cream parlour established in 1932 sells some of the best ice cream you are ever likely to come across.

After spending much of yesterday learning about contaminated gasworks, I headed off to Broadstairs for an ice cream, it was high tide with a moderate wind, not a good time to park on the harbour wall.

I should stress that this wasn’t an exceptionally high tide or anything like a storm, but still I managed to get a few pictures of the waves that weren’t too bad.

Click on the link for the pictures http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/510/id3.htm

The last of the pictures are back in Ramsgate, both of the sea yesterday and progress on the gasworks demolition this morning.

I noticed on the Turner Contemporary’s website it says. “I Never Stopped Loving You is commissioned by Turner Contemporary with the support of Thanet District Council.” An amusing aside to this is the first time that planning permission was sought for Tracey’s neon sign TDC planning turned the application down.


  1. I can't quite decide whether TDC have come to their senses or become more desperate.

  2. Peter the story is that the planning officers, having looked at the illustration of the sign, didn’t recognise that it was art and thought it was an advertisement of some kind.

    I imagine that the art police have now retrained them, perhaps a foi request for the documents relating to how to tell the difference would be interesting.

  3. tdc cavemen nothing but neondetails

  4. Art is something one elevates to when ones feet loose contact with the ground.


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