Saturday, 1 May 2010

Thanet South marginal constancy the third element

The Liberal Democrat Candidate visited me in the shop yesterday and had much to say that I found interesting, at the moment, with the way the polls are going, there now seems a possibility that he could wind up our MP.

To understand the polls the bbc website is useful see

Like the other two main party candidates he seems a reasonable sort, who would probably make a reasonable constituency MP, I particularly liked the way he dealt with my awkward question about raising the tax threshold.

I pointed out to him that doing so would leave the poorest, those below the tax threshold just as poor and it would give just the same to millionaires as it would to me.

His answer was, “I don’t know and I am an accountant, but I will find out and come back to you”, I look forward to his answer.

If you follow this blog you will know that I published the before and after boundary change maps at and due to the fairly large changes in the boundaries it is quite difficult to predict the outcome here, as we really do have a very different constituency to the one we had in the previous general election.

I suppose that like a lot of people up and down the country I am starting to seriously view this election as a three horse race for the first time, the question for me is becoming less one of, the lesser of two evils in terms of a national government and more who would make us the best MP in the case of a hung parliament.

This is made more complicated by not having any idea of what sort of government would be formed in the case of a hung parliament.

Trading this afternoon with all of the problems made considerably worse by local and national government over the past 22 years since I have had a shop in Ramsgate, thinking selfishly as a small shopkeeper for a moment, these include:

24 hour shopping in supermarkets.

The no smoking ban, meaning my customers have to fight there way through several pubs customers smoking on the pavement outside.

The local leisure facility council owned sites, from the silted up marina to the Pleasurama debacle.

The obvious breakdown of civilised behaviour, from dangerous dogs to the nonworking class.

I wonder really if any party has either the will or the ability to put things right.


  1. Micheal, I used to buy my second hand books in a second hand book shop, now I go to Tesco at midnight simply to avoid pesky smokers standing on the pavement 50 yards away from a second hand book shop that closes at 5pm and because it's the only place where citizens doff their caps in respect.

  2. Michael, leaving politics to one side Steve Ladyman has been a good constituency MP which weighs heavily in his favour. Laura Sandys is definatley not a back seat driver. So were is the logic that a lib dem who does not live in the area (Welling) and up until recently nobody knew his name, is in for a chance of winning. Sounds like a paper candidate to me.

  3. Tony the Beachcomber,

    I have received one leaflet in the postfrom the Liberals, a very large full colour A3 size Nick Clegg leaflet on Friday and another leaflet this morning delivered by a young lady all about the Liberal candidate,this is more than I have received from Dr Ladyman.or the Tory candidate.
    The Liberal Candidate looks as if he really trying to win this area, he is getting my vote this time.

  4. Anon, pull the other what do you take me for.

  5. Anon. 2nd May. Only stuff from the Lib. Dems? No way. You must have had the direct mailers that every household gets delivered with the post unless you happen not to be on the electoral roll in which case you won't get anything that way as it's triggered by the published register.

    I've had loads of stuff from both the Conservative and Labour candidates and one item by post from UKIP so I'd find it very hard to accept you've had nothing except Lib. Dem. literature. I even had three lots of stuff from the Conservative candidate in as many days.

    Perhaps you live in one of the blocks of flats where it's difficult for anyone to gain access or maybe someone else in the house has found the literature first and binned in.

    I know during elections there are always those who say they've received nothing from any candidate when I know full well that I've delivered literature to that very house myself only a few days before.

  6. Tony the Beachcomber,
    sorry you misunderstood, I received literature from all the candidates, just that I have received 3 items from the LibDems
    so thought they were trying hard to get our votes,I read all the leaflets decided to give the Libdems a try this time


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