Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Turner Contemporary Tracey Emin Exhibition

I thought I would go over to Margate and look at the exhibition in The Droit House, this time no one prevented me from taking photographs.

This link takes you to Tracey’s website

There was also a video playing in the gallery by Tracey called, “Why I Never became a Dancer”, about her sex life as a teenager in Margate.

The pictures could have been better but I didn’t want to attract too much attention by using the flash, I am also doing this from my notebook as it is my day off so I haven’t enhanced them, anyway here is the link, what you see is what you get


  1. I might go down and have a look this weekend now the weather has warmed up a bit. Its cold on my scooter but I can get in there OK so wont get to cold. if I go Saturday I can pop in to see them at Caitlins Beach Cruisers

  2. What you see is what you get .Not fitting for the old harbour office across the road maybe! perhaps i am just getting old and do not understand modern art.

  3. Anywhere else this would be seen as obscene graffiti not art! If this is a preview of the likely contents of the Turner gallery Margate and indeed Thanet need to be prepared for some bad press, not the kind of thing visitors with young children should be exposed too. But like your previous respondent, maybe it’s my age or opinions on decency and acceptable standards?


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