Tuesday, 10 January 2012

O Dreamland

O Dreamland is a 1953 documentary by British film director Lindsay Anderson, filmed at Dreamland.

Here are the reports about day one of the public enquiry http://www.thanet.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=14804

Here is day 2 http://www.thanet.gov.uk/environment__planning/planning/ldf_and_local_plan/dreamland/public_inquiry/public_inquiry_day_2_summary.aspx

and day 3 http://www.thanet.gov.uk/environment---planning/planning/ldf-and-local-plan/dreamland/public-inquiry.aspx

and day 4 http://www.thanet.gov.uk/environment__planning/planning/ldf_and_local_plan/dreamland/public_inquiry/public_inquiry_day_4_summary.aspx

and day 5 http://www.thanet.gov.uk/environment__planning/planning/ldf_and_local_plan/dreamland/public_inquiry/public_inquiry_day_5_summary.aspx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories. Good luck with compulsory purchase TDC. Developers do not deserve to keep it having allowed it to deteriorate into its present state.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for finding this one. I thought I had already viewed it and discovered I hadn't!

Kapo said...

I have been attending the CPO all week, apart from one afternoon, Godden's barrister is stating that the Margate/Thanet people do not support a funfair park as there is nobody in the public gallery so they can build flats instead, if any one has even an hour to spare go to council offices, 3 rd floor and show your support it costs nothing, it opens at 10 & finishes at 5, but you can come & go as you please.