Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday in the bookshop picking over the pieces.

Internet coverage of last nights council meeting was the most prolific I ever remember.

even the council managed to get a press release out at about half nine this morning

whether it ever makes it on to the council’s own website remains to be seen.

The problems here still seem to be as bad as ever, with the council using the internet in the strangest possible way. They have just managed to Decembers dead whale story on their facebook wall, see

For me the council’s latest big omission was failing to tell anyone they had published the Ramsgate Port and Harbour Draft Masterplan 2011 see Readit noticed this one see and although it is called the 2011 plan the council only published it yesterday.

The problem always seems to come back to differentiating between what’s important and what isn’t. Sometimes I get indicators, like today.
“Dear all

Details of day seven of the Dreamland CPO Public Inquiry are now available on the council's website:

You may find the cross examination of Dan Ryan particularly interesting.

We expect the remainder of the objectors' evidence to be given today and then the council's evidence will begin when the Inquiry resumes on the afternoon of Wednesday 15 February.


Tesco seem to have done it again having opened a store in Ramsgate, this time Hereson Road, see they now plan to close it.

Perhaps they will have a go at the M&S site in the town now Peacocks have gone bust.  

I suppose this could be an ominous sign for Margate, as if they open their new store and it doesn’t make enough money, then they will obviously cut their losses pretty quickly. 

I will ramble on here if I get time.


  1. Can I please ask how you get to the conclusion that this store is closing already? I am sure Tesco don't throw this money at a store like this and walk away after just a few months!?

  2. 6.19 I think it must be the to let sign.

  3. Michael,

    Are you sure that's not the vacant shop & flats next door ? I haven't been past so am only speculating.

    Does seem a bit odd for Tesco to close a store so soon after opening it.

  4. Ah, Someone does a bit of research, instead of jumping to conclusions!

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