Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Thanet District Council press releases, are they censoring the ones they send to bloggers?

 I have just sent the email below to the people at Thanet District Council, in this case the; Corporate Information & Communications Manager, Chief Executive and Leader of the Council: 
 “Hi Justine, Sue, Clive

This once again relates to council press releases in general with one serving as an example of the problem.

So this time it’s the “night-time flying: Independent assessment”
It would appear from the various local papers websites that they have been sent this document and I haven’t.

My understanding was that I would be sent images and attachments relating to council press releases and this doesn’t seem to be happening.

Of course this may be some misunderstanding on my part, I which case please just drop the issue as I have no wish to waste officers time.

If the document was sent to the conventional press and not to me, then please take this as an official complaint that it wasn’t sent to me and please also take this as a foi request asking which information, press releases and associated attachments, have been sent to the conventional press and not to me, since you agreed to reinstate me on the press release mailing list.”

If I get a chance I will elaborate on this post, as it is I am very busy this morning so may not get time. 


  1. just imagine if the old open air swimming pool was still here, although a bit chilly at the moment it would be such a great asset during the spring and summer months.

    Not so much a step forward but a giant leap backwards when you think of what is there now, how can educated, forward thinking adults get it so terribly wrong time after time,or maybe the question should be why do we allow them to get it wrong time after time....

  2. Ah well Steve, with the pool the council put it about for years that it had been damaged by a bomb in the war, but I gather what really happened was they had some sort of reorganisation and transfused its management from the maintenance department to the leisure department – tricky thing as ferro cast pool with the waves beating against it, the weight of the water inside protects it from the impacts of the waves – so there was a list of dos and donts that went with the pool, one of which was, under no circumstances empty it. You guessed.

  3. SteveP,

    As you say, we allow them to get away with it.

  4. The Marina swimming pool closed in 1974.Oh such happy memories.Why did we let it close?
    Come on TDC built the swimming pool outside with flumes,wave machines,look at Butlins the swimming pool is the main entertainment during the day and they make a lot of money.
    They will come if you build it!

  5. All three of the main Thanet towns had outdoors swimming pools at one time.

  6. A straw poll would be interesting to see just how many visitors to all of the Thanet Blog sites would like to see a return of the open air pool and other associated attractions.

    One would guess there would be a high majority in favour...... Thoughts ????


  7. As long as we get the Margate / Cliftonville (The Lido) pool reopened too... unfortunately the former public outdoors pool for Broadstairs (Castle Keep) now has housing on there!

  8. TDC succeeded where the Luftwaffe failed. TDC destroyed the Marina Pool using their weapon of mass destruction that goes by the codename of incompetence.

  9. The Marina Pool was bombed during the war. My parents often talked about it.

  10. I would like to see the pools returned.


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