Monday, 9 January 2012

Thanet District Council Cabinet Reshuffle and a heap of Conservative press releases.

Plenty of information coming in for my press release blog today, but what does it all mean?

Then it seems that the Conservatives view the cancellation of the Broadstairs fireworks as a debacle, see does one take this to mean that had the Conservatives remained in power, the fireworks would have gone off?

This one is interesting as it seems to be saying that Labour have plundered the council’s reserves

And while I was writing this and finding some pictures it seems Simon has posted about the same thing 10 minutes between posts is about as close as it gets.

How are the mighty fallen though, before Christmas I thought Simon was cabinet member for rubbish and apparently he though that he was 'His Luminescence, the Cabinet Member for Planning, the Environment & Regulatory Issues'. This only goes to show how wrong one can be.  

I think I have sorted out the cabinet changes the previous administration did quite a bit of this, see I think it is a bit like the cat and its sparrow in yesterdays post. A sort of inter species thing and you would have to be a councillor to understand it.

I will ramble on here as I try to work out what this is all about, what’s literary quote, “one decoding is another encoding” do feel free to make some suggestions in the comments.


  1. There are lies, damned lies and Martin Wise's press releases.
    Page 101 Para 3.6 of the Council Budget papers explains it all really.
    " It is recommended that NO WITHDRAWAL from general reserves is made to support the base budget in the medium term"

  2. I think Cllr Harrison should read it first! It seems to me that it doesn't mention general reserves but says that the conservatives held on to a pool of funds to be prudent in uncertain times and that Labour couldn't resist dipping into it at the first opportunity! All sounds pretty familiar to me!

  3. Michael I took this one to mean that the michelle fenner email about the press being stupid was what was making labour panic about bad news stories?

  4. 18.58 I see, so the fireworks being cancelled wasn’t the debacle, but just something that was purely incidental to the political debacle.

  5. Same old Labour luvvie, Michael.

  6. I like the pictures you have posted Michael. As for the council the last lot never managed to sort out anthing on the tourism or local events website and I doubt this crowd will have the capabilities. I cant be asked to Promote Thanet any longer as the council who ever gets ib do nothing to promote local events on any of their websites.
    I started my blog with a simple ambition but as I have already said if TDC dont or cant be bothered to Promote Thanet why should I try and do it for them. I continue to promote family and friends concerns businesses etc. but my life is to short to go any further than that.

  7. Mebe anon 18 20 should read it, I have written what it says in the budget book,, what I havnt written is that reserves will be increased from 10% to 11%.
    Of course Conservative prudence usually means lets cut something out and spend less on providing services to the local taxpayers.

  8. I think it usually means, let's not spend what we haven't got. A message Labour have difficulty grasping and even now, despite at last talking prudence, Ed Milliband still does not admit to any responsibility by the last government for the national deficit.

  9. Durr Cllr harrison - anon 18.20 was you!! Says it all really!


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