Monday, 2 January 2012

Few pictures of Ramsgate today and a bit of a ramble

One of those January days when Ramsgate doesn’t seem to know that it’s supposed to be winter, a short walk and a few pictures, nothing special see

Looking at the various local disaster areas I was vaguely wondering if Ramsgate will fare any better under TDC Labour leadership, my hope is that they will at least try to resolve some of the easy ones, if only for the pr value.

Getting the maritime museum open would seem to be an easy one, getting it open under the auspices of The Preston Steam Trust is the option that I am hoping for as my understanding is that the trust intend to partly finance the museum and tug restoration by holding a series of events and if there is one thing Ramsgate really needs is some decent events to attract tourists during the summer.

With Ramsgate the Pleasurama disaster area is the big one and my guess is that one of the first things the Pleasurama developers will do is to approach the new administration asking for more delays and concessions.

According to the local paper The Boulevard Amusement Arcade is about to be turned into one huge estate agent for the development.

I don’t necessarily believe what the local paper has to say, their last error apparently was blaming the wrong councillor for the email leak, not that this really matters as I don’t think there is anyone who uses the internet who hasn’t clicked on reply all and included some unintentional recipients. 

I guess an old grammar schoolboy and OU graduate like Allan Poole though it best to take this one on the chin.

I bumped into the chap behind the slipways development and mentioned that I had received the new flood risk assessment, he told me it had been prepared by the same people who did the one for The Turner Centre, which is strange as it is definitely not prepared by the firm who did the Turner contemporary one, perhaps he said what he meant which would be rather funny in the circumstances.

An amusing dialogue between councillors starting on Thanet Life, one being Will Scobie who I believe to be the only councillor to have had any formal education on the subject of politics and the other being Simon Moores who I assumed held higher education in a place of some respect.

They are both individuals who I consider to be above average intelligence and both of them have had some difficulties with their studies. Simon did his doctorate and his thesis was published by a well know publisher, this is about as good a mandate for a doctorate as you can get and then years later his university was discredited. And Will seems have done his masters specialising in the EU which in the present circumstances could all have been a bit of a waste of time.

Simon started with a shot well below the belt “, while young Will Scobie has demonstrated, at times, that he's barely out of short trousers.” Well see the picture of Chris Wells ready to battle at cabinet is worth the visit on its own.

As you can see from the picture, the youf of today have been busy again and it looks a though there will soon be strong smell of dope in our kitchen.
I will probably ramble on here.

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