Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday, walk in Ramsgate, pictures, even pictures of pictures and a bit of a ramble on about this and that.

One way or another I haven’t managed to get out much this week and so I went out this morning leaving the bookshop in the capable hands of the chap who works for me on Saturday.

As is my usual habit the whole contents of the camera card are here

and here

the wind that was forecast didn’t seem to blow much so it was very pleasant indeed. A few thoughts on the first batch of photos.

Once again the Pleasurama development is something that causes me to speculate about what it is that is going on, on site. Obviously there is no point in me asking the people involved for temporary for temporary leisure use this summer as we now have all the concrete posts on the site.

Interestingly they are now working far enough down the site towards the lift to be where the cliff façade is much more dubious.

Here the design drawings and in this case I am certain that the council have supplied me with the right ones, show that there should be foundations that would have required digging out above the load spreaders.

Well they new have an updated HSE notification extending to about March 2014 although is still suggests there should be 200 people working on the site instead of the maximum of four we have become accustomed to.

I took some more Great Wall of Ramsgate pictures, can anyone spot the one that has been painted out?

On to the next lot.

A lot of activity in the outer harbour, presumably to do with the wind farms, some rather dubious looking cracks appearing in the top of the east pier, lets hope the sea doesn’t modify it again. The has obviously been some sort of fire at the back of the pavilion. The British Heart Foundation charity shop in Harbour Street has had the door glass and a window broken.

I may ramble on…..


  1. Eventful day in Ramsgate today, the East end of Winterstoke Gardens and the East end of the promenade were cordoned off by police for at least two hours today.

  2. I missed all that Ken, what do you think of the portal part of the façade structure?

  3. Its looking rather sad after such a short time

  4. TDC used to regularly insert grout into the piers and point the harbour walls, about 10 years ago they decided that it was too expensive and stopped it, no doubt sometime in the future it will cost a great deal to rectify.

  5. Nice piccies Michael, I want one of those giant ice creams when I am next in Ramsgate.

  6. 19.58 I think the last time that a combination of the deterioration of the east pier and an easterly storm lead to a considerable amount of the harbour wall being damaged by the sea was 1978. So I don’t think this so much to with grouting but the problem that the harbour wall is filled with chalk and has had some concrete pumped into it which filled in the gaps between the chalk and now more chalk has gone presumably leaving areas full of lose concrete.

    Don glad you enjoyed them, it is my intention to back to taking and publishing a lot more photos, I have been a bit lazy in that front recently.

  7. Readit...I believe there was a 'jumper' there this morning.


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