Friday, 27 January 2012

David Cameron, The World Economic Forum and Boris Johnson. A quick sketch

A watercolour sketch of Boris Johnson today, not very good I know, but when I draw sketches of people that most readers will recognise then I tend to publish them.

This I suppose is something to with youth and politics, I had just read Will Scobie’s post about youth and politics yesterday evening, see and was very much thinking that my younger children aren’t at all politically engaged, which I suppose I am, up to a point.

I then went on to watch what David Cameron had said at The World Economic Forum, after hearing the same edited bits of the speech several times and wondering if I was ever going to hear what he had to say, rather than the bits the press had decided I ought to hear, I managed to find the whole thing at

I have to admit to not finding political speeches the most enthralling thing in the world, but if one doesn’t listen to the important ones it is a bit difficult to tell what is going on. So while I watch these things I tend to sketch the speaker with the children in the background who on the whole take very little notice.
Towards the end of the speech Boris Johnson came on and so I started sketching him instead and was surprised that my younger children both ten recognised him and became extremely critical of my pencil sketch.

They didn’t like this first one at all, it seems Boris looks a lot nicer so I was required and requested to do a better sketch.
So here is the pencil sketch of Boris Johnson that I coloured in above sorry it’s still a bit wet the fixative for the watercolour. Even then I was made to rub out his mouth and do it again so he looked happier.

The point though is I think that our politicians, for the most part now, seem to have been groomed and spun to the point where they are of no interest to the youf of today.

Incidentally I have been fiddling with my blog settings which seem to periodically change automatically, the most significant thing I have done concerns the pictures in the posts. I have managed to change them back to how they worked before, particularly important with some of the local history ones, where I know people want the high definition image. So while it lasts if you click on an image it will expand and if the original was large, then if you click on the expanded image it will expand again, possibly something best not done with my sketches. Once you have done all of this palaver if right click on the largest of the images you can save it on your computer.

I will ramble on here, I have the rather boring task of taking the council to task once again and I am putting it off, however I am sure the eventual resultant post will be of more interest to readers.     

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