Sunday, 22 January 2012

Margate some pictures, The Turner Contemporary and when art isn’t art, I make a complete ass of myself on Youtube some pictures a ramble.

Sunday my day off and we went to Margate, mainly to see the new Hamish Fulton exhibition, this mostly consists of large posters with text on them and I have to admit to being disappointed.

You are not allowed to photograph this exhibition, so I didn’t.

The Turner exhibition at The Turner Contemporary opens next weekend and that is one I am looking forward to.

Here are the photos I did take


my excuse is that I had my younger children with me.

The sketch above was done in the gallery’s restaurant while waiting for children to eat up, go to the lavatory and so on, I am slowly developing the nerve to sketch in public places. If you were a victim please accept my apologies.
I can’t seem to photograph pencil sketches so have given it a quick wash.

One thing that always amazes me is that the only window in the building facing the sunset is in the restaurant, I hope Turner was a gastronome as well as an artist because this is where the light is. 

With Hamish Fulton’s art as I have said before words fail me, so here is the sketch of his Margate walk.

If anyone can find a review of this exhibition I would be interested to read it, The Turner Contemporary is supposed to be an important gallery and the exhibition has been on for a week now, but apart from media that have just put out the galley’s press release I can’t find anything

Anyway the exhibition is in one room, photos here on gallery’s website what you see is what you get.

  Another new business in Margate Old Town, Rough Trade, official opening next weekend, well worth a look.

I will ramble on here  


  1. Last weekends Telegraph did a large interview with Mr Fulton, interview was with Alastair Sooke. Google it, it's still up.

  2. 10.38 Thanks I read that one but I don’t think it was based on a visit to the exhibition which I found disappointing and so I wanted to know what the art critics made of it.

  3. I think quite a few will be out in the next few weeks.



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