Saturday, 23 September 2017

Buoys will be buoys around 1890 at Ramsgate Harbour, Canterbury bus fail, bit of sketching

The nautical equipment having a rest from the sea and lying around in Ramsgate harbour has a magnetic attraction for me, not sure why, anyway to cut a short story shorter I bought this ephemera of nautical ephemera and doubt there would have been many other takers.

I went to Canterbury by bus today, purely a leisure activity, although somehow the bus has a bit of a third class feel to it although it does get me from the middle of Ramsgate to the middle of Canterbury in less than an hour. 

I did a bit of painting as you can see St Anslem’s chapel is a bit of a spot the difference and the people painted from the upstairs window of Chocolate Café are disappointingly small.

I also bought a wifi camera as I see a vague future of vlogging, to expand on this one, wifi (sports) cameras connect to your mobile phone by wifi and the screen of your phone becomes the camera’s viewfinder, this means you can actually see what you are doing without standing behind or in front of the camera.  

Like the various bits of nauticalia around the harbour I find it difficult to resist unusual technology, particularly cameras.

The bus back from Canterbury to Ramsgate didn’t turn up at all so I had to get the next one, which as there was nothing on the supposedly “Live Updates” website, made me feel like a third class traveller again.

Obviously the car is tempting, worse for the environment and I have very little experience of busses, so feel I shouldn’t be able to see obvious and rectifiable faults, saying the website has live updates and then it not working being the most obvious.

We should, need to tempt people away from unnecessary car use, silly really.

Anyway here is a panorama of Ramsgate Harbour

If you want the full sized picture here is the link where you can download it

Some pictures of bosses in the cathedral  

A few other pictures from today 

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