Monday 11 September 2017

Ramsgate trains mostly and a boat

No out and about photos this evening due to the rain and hail so I'll start with a a Ramsgate Railway accident.

 Number two headshunt the Shunting line in Ramsgate where part of a train ended up hanging over a parapet above a row of houses was taken out of action. Houses below sidings at Ramsgate depot were evacuated after the train being shunted smashed through buffer stops, a sand drag and a parapet wall eventually halting with part of the leading coach overhanging the 70 feet drop. It was the fourth time such an incident had happened.

The number one headshunt, was closed in 1987 following the incident that year and number two headshunt was equipped with new buffers and an extra long sand drag. After this accident that, too closed.

Half of one carriage went over the edge of the viaduct in Margate Road and was left teetering 70 feet above the ground for several hours. The only people on the train at the time were the driver and a shunter.

I’ve just republished the sample pages for the book we publish about the railways in Ramsgate, here is the link

The pictures in the blog post also relate to this book.

 I see P22 is back in the harbour for a bit
The Ha Ha Heritage pontoon that doesn't provide free tourist attractions and has nearly all been removed.

Sorry trains
This is a picture of Ramsgate Sands Station, now Pleasurama

Here is what went out in the bookshop today not much on the transport front.

Funny one today, I don’t think I will ever understand the socialising of media or whatever it is, I have the Youtube app on my phone and is sent me a notification which when I touched it started auto playing a film. Of  course this means you have to block notifications for the app, one tiny slip of the finger and you are playing a vidio you haven’t chosen and are furiously trying to stop it making a noise and disturbing everyone.  

Thought we had better have a plane over Ellington Park too but resisted the temptation to straighten the photo so the tree was upright 

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