Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Ramsgate Harbour, row, row, row your boat

This picture of what I think is a fishing boat of some sort being rowed and sculled out of the harbour fascinates me the picture looks to have been taken around 1900 and yet the sailing rig looks to be much more late 1700s or early 1800s. nine people on board, six rowing, two sculling and one steering, I think.

There must be a story related to this photo, a fishing smack this size would have at most had a crew of three, the sails look too stained to be any sort of pleasure craft.

Perhaps the boat is foreign, French? Is that a third mast at the stern? Chasse marées have this sort of look in drawings and paintings but not photos. Perhaps the G stands of Guernsey. Could this be something to with WW1?

clicking on the picture to expand it and clicking on the expanded picture of expand it again gives a fair amount of detail.

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  1. Comment by email from MC

    Evening Michael

    As mentioned before I can't use the cooment facility as i don't have the right online 'credentials' to do so.

    Anyway, I think G stands for Granville in Normandy and the boat is a Bisquine or Granvillais - basically a three masted Lugger.

    Out of favour in England by the time of the photo - but once a smuggler's favourite!

    Asto the date and the occasion - over to you!


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