Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Echoes of JWM Turner in Ramsgate

This is the JWM Turner watercolour of Ramsgate from around 1824, note the old lighthouse, which was on the end of the pier and apparently used to knock the yardarms off of passing ships, eventually it was demolished and the lighthouse we have now was built.

Note the octagonal spot in the middle, about where the centre of the old lighthose stood, probably where a capstan was later located, interestingly if you stand on this spot and talk or sing you will find your voice echoes.

This painting is titled Ramsgate Sands and painted about 1861 is by Arthur Boyd Houghton.

More of this post to come, clicked on publish by mistake and now something has come up

I have to admit to skiving off twice today, so a few out and about photos here is the link http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/917L/id16.htm

The second skive involved going to The Pav and starting a preliminary sketch from there  
this involves using very cheap paper and trying to get the feel of the shapes and colours
 as you see the perspective with the sun and wind behind me is a bit tricky

An interesting print this one 
I think that is supposed to be Wellington Crescent in the background and if it is it's after 1822 but the old lighthouse so before 1842, but what are they doing?

The shape of the harbour wall seems different, well all wrong to be honest, artistic licence or are they working on the west pier?

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