Friday 29 September 2017

Queen Street and West Cliff Road in 1970 plus Westcliff Model Village video

I had a bit of a job finding a Queen Street photo and think this one is probably sometime in the 1960s, the van looks late 50s or early 60s the TV looks about the same date and the internet is understandably cagey about the invention of the anorak.

 I have added West Cliff or Westcliff Road as it is a continuation of Queen Street and I wouldn't have expected some people to know that it wasn't all one street.
I have also added this Ramsgate video of the Model Vilage, same area, same period.

Queen Street is a mix of mostly Victorian with a bit of Georgian architecture and some mostly fairly sympathetic modern architecture. It doesn't seem to have done so badly on the closed shop front, partly because there are a large number of estate agents, but there are still quite a few shops selling selling real items and I would think a lot of this relates to Queen Street being the road to Waitrose.

This is the link to the 1971 directory

And this one to the books we put out today

I should say again that nothing much will beat coming into the bookshop and having a good browse inside the directories tracing the individual streets and buildings back to 1849 or later if they were built later than that

 Here it is today


  1. The van in the picture with the men with a tv probably belonged to Rogers electrical store in Queen street which was where the cancer research charity shop is today .. it sold records radios and tvs...

  2. We have only lived in the area for 5 years. Whatever happened to the model village? It looked wonderful.

  3. Email comment, which I think is right, I have slightly amended it to include ther ref to Grange Road.

    I do not think the electrical shop in Queen Street was Rogers which is the one in Grange Road I think it was Barnetts, run by Joe Barnett and family, Joe was at one time a Mayor of Ramsgate and on the council for many years along with a number of his hotelier friends. Joes brother in law Sammy was more often than not to be seen behind the counter. Joe lived in a white bungalow with a blue tiled roof on the Ramsgate road Broadstairs, not far from the Brown Jug, the bungalow was demolished some years ago now.


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