Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Please find attached a report which I am reliably informed is ‘NOW’ a matter of public record.

As the election agent for Cllrs. Clive Hart & Iris Johnston in last week’s KCC elections for Margate & Cliftonville Division, I am appalled that this Decision Notice dated 28th May (a whole week before Election Day) was not posted to the complainant until the 5th June, the day after close of polling.

Cllr. John Watkins Election Agent for Cllrs. Clive Hart & Iris Johnston


  1. I bet hes appalled. If the public knew about the dirt digging by the former candidate for Margate & Cliftonville...

    There are too many grey areas in this one, as we find so very often with the whole area of conflict of interests and how to deal with them.

  2. Does Cllr Clarke live in this road and does he know Cllr Johnston and Cllr Watkins?????

  3. I find this all a little tedious!

    If we were to look at who lives next door to whom and who mixes socially with whom, the situation in Thanet becomes a nightmare of conflicting interests. Cllrs with officers; Cllrs with businessmen; Quango heads and developers etc; the material for conspiracy theories is all there for those who want to look or make them up!

    There might be far more serious conflicts of interest lying around to be discovered locally, than a pathetic little issue of double yellow lines outside a nursing home?

  4. Michael, does this post say that you were the agent for Iris and Clive? Bit confusing,

  5. 10.40 it says in the post Cllr. John Watkins Election Agent for Cllrs. Clive Hart & Iris Johnston, I don’t see how it could be any clearer.

  6. Thinking about this a little more, this complaint seems to be rather weak. Does it actually make a material difference when the Decision Notice is sent out? The Decision was to refer it to the Monitoring Officer for further investigation. The Decision Notice wasnt even a decision!

  7. It seems that Mr Philip Bourlet (the complainant) has little interest in honesty of public office and a lot more interest in feathering his own nest. Mr Bourlet has campaigned tirelessly to fight for the right to park his 4X4 on the path outside his home at 23 St Peters Road. I am a neighbour and I struggle to pass this monster vehicle that he insists on parking on the path. I previously approached my councillor Cllr John Watkins, but he was clearly in cahoots with Cllr Clarke and Philip Bourlet, and wouldn’t even hear me out. I would be very interested to know what relationship exists between these parties as they seem so determined to stick together.


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