Tuesday, 23 June 2009


Ed Just got this from Clive Heart, it’s pretty amazing click on the picture to enlarge:

Concerns have been raised about the environmental impact of a 'mountain' of chalk being dumped on Margate seafront.

Leader of the Opposition at TDC, Cllr. Clive Hart said "I have contacted the Head of Development Services at TDC regarding the enormous amount of chalk being piled and compacted against the cliffs on the former Rendezvous car park site in Margate.

I have serious concerns about the detrimental effect this could have on the natural cliff face and possibly even a local wildlife habitat.

This dumping of chalk is effectively seafront landscaping on a gigantic scale and I know of no permission being granted for that.

I sincerely hope it is a temporary situation, but even so, the effect of such huge amounts of chalk being piled and then compacted against the natural cliff face could cause serious and even permanent damage".

This latest environmental issue follows on from protected trees cut down and flower beds being removed just a little further along the main Margate/Cliftonville seafront access road.


  1. I got an email and no blimin photo, must have been my interpretation of the last email from Clive about NHS funding for Choppers

  2. I didn't even get an email.

    Probably because of my little joke about Cllr Hart being the Labour 'hair apparent' in East of the Wantsum the other week.

    Surely if Clive really is Derek Acorah, he should have seen this coming?!?!?!!!

  3. Oh well Tony I didn’t the chopper one at all, perhaps there was no dental funding for Ramsgate.

  4. I must have missed that one Richard.

  5. I've been wondering for a while what they plan to do with all this chalk. Perhaps someone from TDC / KCC can tell us?

  6. Erm, it's a pile of chalk - we live on loads of it so what damage will it do ?!!

  7. Are we all unaware of the need to scrape from time to time, the solid chalk faces around the Isle due to wind, rain and frost erosion leading to dangerous falls of tons of chalk. making a big loose pile of the stuff above a promenade accessible to the public is the height of folly. I am not an engineer but some torrential rain and this lot is likely to slip onto the promenade below and endanger the public to give us our own mini Aberfan?


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