Friday, 19 June 2009

This and that and will add to it as the day goes on.

A bit of a mixed bag today as it’s Friday in the bookshop and too busy to get on with anything that requires a lot of concentration, snippets between customers.

First quite a lot of events this weekend I have just lifted these from ECRs excellent What's On In Thanet listing on his sidebar

15-30 Thanet Multicultural Festival


20-24 Broadstairs Dickens Festival


20-21 Margate's Big Event

Video from TDCTV

One local event that doesn’t get much publicity here is The Preston Rally which is on the 27th and 28th of June, click on the links below for pictures of their previous rallies and their website.

It’s such a pity there have been so many delays from TDC to get them going on the Maritime Museum, tug and dock as they were to have organised a series of events in Ramsgate this summer and as you can see they don’t mess about when they organise an event.

I noticed that Commercial Group Properties vanished from the Stock Exchange website at the beginning of this week, I don’t know if this is some sort IT glitch or if they have lost their aim registration.

I would have contacted them but they have one of the most bizarre websites I have ever come across, although you can view it in English and Chinese I couldn’t find any email address or contact form on it.

There has been a bit on the local blogs about a graveyard in Margate here from Your Thanet is a video about it for anyone interested.

Actually looking at this properly I don’t think it’s the same graveyard that other people have mentioned.

One rather unusual feature of the councils Big Event website, considering that it starts tomorrow, is that is says that the program of events will be published soon, as some of their press releases have appeared on the council website after the events the were supposed to announce I look on with interest.

Before the Cabinet decision on the Pleasurama development I emailed all of the cabinet members individually about it and have so far had courteous replies from Simon Moores, Sandy Ezekiel and Martin Wise.

The problem for me is that no one involved, developer, contractor or council, has any experience of building between the foreshore and a cliff face apart from the EAs technical expert.

She recommended various basic safety measures that the new plans are not compliant with, what none of them could tell me was why the cabinet are happy to go ahead with this potentially dangerous development.

Click on the link to read her letter


  1. Michael, sorry to say, the delays you refer to are caused because public money is involved. Due diligence, legal agreements etc. Bit like buying a house, if you don't do it right it comes back to haunt you, in this case the District Auditor is the one who does the haunting

  2. Hi Ken this is from the agenda:

    “That Cabinet approve the proposed lease and operating agreement of the Clock
    Tower building and Smeaton Dock, Ramsgate Royal Harbour to the Steam Museum
    Trust on the terms set out in confidential annex to this report, and request the Head
    of Legal and Democratic Services to complete the legal documentation.”

    My understanding is there was an error and no one had realised that “the asset disposal working party overview and scrutiny panel” have the power to veto the whole thing.

    The problem of course is that the museum are unlikely to make the investment needed to get it open this year without security of tenure.

    Well I hope it was a genuine mistake and not daft ploy on the part of the council to keep the option to grab the building back.

  3. Michael re the big event and posting on the website I am at a loss with the council over some of the web stuff they adverise.


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