Monday, 1 June 2009

Pinch and a punch it’s the first of the month and here is the Thanet blog chart

Once again from my weblogs the numbers of unique individual visitors that have clicked on a link on another blog to get here.

Overall this blog had 2,143 Absolute Unique Visitors in the last month and as you see the majority came from other local blogs.

Of course there are a lot of people who visited more than once and a lot of them came here directly.

Now I know that this is not an accurate reflection of the popularity of the local blogs but it’s the closest I can get, I pretty much always manage to miss someone so please let me know who I have missed. / referral 908 / referral 357 / referral 178 / referral 102 / referral 100 / referral 57 / referral 51 / referral 49 / referral 44 / referral 40 / referral 22 / referral 21 / referral 15 / referral 15 / referral 11 / referral 11 / referral 10 / referral 6 / referral 6 / referral 6 / referral 5 / referral 4 / referral 4 / referral 2 / referral 2 / referral 1

Once again as I can’t unlock the password on my blog weblogs, but I can for my bookshop website, this link takes you to my bookshop website weblogs for those of you that are curious about weblogs, most web authors seem to be very reluctant to reveal their weblogs. One thing that always surprises me is when websites publish the number if hits they have had, as you see I got 81018 hits as this equated to 3440 unique visitors most of whom stayed for less than 30 seconds it isn’t a figure that means much.

I saw some of the bleary 83 that stayed for more than an hour in the shop, having meandered round the maze that that my websites have become over ten years, clicking obscure links that open another several hundred pictures of Thanet, or a whole local history book, curiosity gets them in the end and the come to the shop to look at the local history section.

Got the bug still curious this link takes you to my Thanet Online site weblogs

If you have the right software the amount of work time it takes to put 100 photographs online is measured seconds not hours, so this isn’t the big deal it may seem.


  1. It will be interesting what the effect will be now, that you have set up a separate blog for council press releases, since it is clear that your frequent publishing of TDC propaganda had the side effect of putting your blog above every one else's and of pushing local blogs with their original content out of site, since many only display the last 5 or so blogs.

    In part this is why I have all those regular local blogs in my sidebar, of which I'm aware displayed rather than hidden.

  2. The previous comment was mine not sure what happened there.

  3. Hi Tony, you don’t get a choice now as far as I know, as to if you display the last 5 or all of them, when I set up the new blog the widget thingy just shows them all, no other option, the older one on this blog has no opotion so I can make it open showing all of them.

    My whole object with the council is to get them to write their website properly and frankly they don’t seem to properly understand what I mean by the different sort of feeds to make the thing work best. I figured the best way was to do something that worked properly so I could point out to them what is wrong with their site by example.

    Without these feeds that make the updated links on our sidebars work you can’t design a site that you can easily find out what’s new on, which in the case of something that effects your life like a planning or licensing application is very important.

    It is possible with feeds to write an automated website like that keeps me up to date with what’s going on, on the local blogs.

    Of course what you don’t see much of is my email correspondence about this with them, about what is wrong with their IT this dates back to 2003, very slow progress.

  4. Michael, have you forgot my site? That usually does OK...

  5. Sorry Peter I have done it now, I am afraid I fit these thing in around work in the shop, so I inclined to miss things.

    A busy day in the shop makes for posts and comments that are written in a very fragmented way, so they often seem a bit muddled to me if I reread them.


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