Thursday, 18 June 2009

Video of inside the Ramsgate Tunnels

This gives you some idea of the scale of Ramsgate’s greatest unused potential tourist attraction.

The picture above is of the entrance to HMS Fervent another tunnel system in Ramsgate click here to take a look at that too.

Click here for the book I publish about The Ramsgate Tunnels.

Click here for a map of The Ramsgate Tunnels.


  1. I used to live near Chislehurst caves and feel they had it about right. You had to follow a guide through some pretty spooky bits first then went into a small area done up like a 1940s air raid shelter with flimsy wooden bunks, curtains and other artefacts to make it look authentic and some enlarged photos on the walls showing what it was like during the war. There was also a little shop with WW2 souvenirs. We wouldn't need to open up much of the tunnels to create a similar effect and could do a smuggler's cave as well. Great idea and such a waste of our heritage.

  2. We spent many hours as children exploring these Air Raid tunnels during the 50s. At that time there were no blockages or ceiling collapses in the tunnels. It was great fun.

    We forced a way in through the poorly sealed entrance in Ellington Park. There was also another easy way in through an entrance behind brick walled area near Chatham house school.

  3. There is also some old news footage that I have found of the tunnels in use as an air raid shelter click here to view it.

    The youth of today say there are several entrances open at the moment and also some work going on down there.

  4. It is good to learn that the spirit of adventure is not dead.

    The current work in the tunnels is probably in preparation for TDC to take cover when their latest plans for Pleasurama are discovered by Michael Child.

  5. I thought the plan for the railway tunnel was for a rifle range ?


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