Friday, 12 June 2009

No Ramsgate Carnival this year

Mac Wilkinson gave a talk last night for ERA. He announced that there would be no Ramsgate Carnival this year as they can't find the £800 public liability insurance and because they can't get enough 'committed' Committee members.

Did you know that? It came as news to everyone there but you've probably more often got your finger on the pulse of local events.

I thought you might want to put it on your blog.

Paul Warrick ERA

Ed. I had no idea this looks like one for town council and a few of the larger local firms for some sponsorship.


  1. With all the cash theyre strapping out of us for a useless parish council we have no need of - the theiving bastards could at least spare 800 quid for this. I am already refusing to pay the amount they want as im not paying for something that doesnt exist. Pretty much like the carnival this year

  2. Montgomery MoleJune 12, 2009 11:23 am

    about time this event died. It was supposed to raise cash for charity, but cost about ten times as much to put on. The money spent on putting this event on would be better spent on the charities directly.

  3. Might be fun to publish one of these photos in the local paper to see who recognises themselves in it? Or took part?

  4. Montgomery Mole, it might not be the best way of raising money for charities these days, but these events give a lot of FUN to a lot of people! To my young nieces & nephews the annual carnival rivals Christmas as the event of the year, though fortunately for them they live in Herne Bay...

  5. Sir Head this years precept which pays for the town council and funds various other things in Ramsgate is the same as last years comes out at £9 per year on a band D properties council tax.

    Part of it funded the charter trustees and mayor the parish council become the charter trustees and get the same funding, so if we hadn’t got the parish council you would have still been paying at least as much.

    As far as I know the first meeting of the new Council will be on Monday 15th June at Albion House starting at 6. 30 and as a member of the public you will be allowed to attend.

    Montgomery Mole as Peter says children are the main beneficiaries of this event especially those that take part, I am pretty sure the council will make sure that Margate carnival happens this year.

    11.42 could be interesting I will add some video footage of the carnival at about the same time.

  6. Yep it is a shame but many carnivals are in jepardy cos of the lack of cash and as peter said its for the kids but the grown ups who need to pay up

  7. In a previous existance I drove the then radio station's big blue bus, and the highlights of the year were East Kent's carnivals, though I have to say that Deal's was the best. In 2003 I had the honour to start and judge the Town Carnival, and have to say, that it was a tribute to the work and commitment of the townfolk. Spoilt only by the thuggish antics of some local 'lads' who thought they were being 'Clever'. probably the same folk who voted for the BNP


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