Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday ramble

Pleasurama; I have finally got KCC highways to accept the fact that the new access road that was built without the flood risk assessment, on top of the sea defences from slabs laid on sand, may in fact be dangerous.

They are going to consult with the environment agency but they tell me that there is no money to put it to rights.

Meandering around the internet I have just found this video of the sound of music expedition at the Turner Contemporary in Margate’s old M&S building.

It certainly shows what can be achieved with a huge amount of public funding.

It’s been on Youtube for over a month and when I discovered it today it had had 2 viewings

When you put Sound of music exhibition into Google and search for videos it comes up top, I would say that this sums up public interest in this sort of thing.

The new Cost Cutter supermarket opens next door to my bookshop this afternoon, I am amazed at what a quality job they have done and that it looks like it will be a serious contender among the town’s supermarkets.

Food off-licence newsagent in fact a proper shop.

There is one simple reason why several new businesses are opening in King Street and that is rent and rates, the rental asked for the shop next door was £10,000 per year compare this with the empty Woolworth’s sop in the High Street on the market at £160,000 per year, ok it’s 3 times the size, but I do wonder what anyone could possibly do in it that could pay a rent like that.

The main problem for shops trading in this part of Ramsgate is that the council have removed most of the on street parking, I have come to the conclusion that this is a bizarre attempt by the council to try and boost Westwood Cross.

One of the more unusual occurrences this week was to do with Ramsgate Motor Museum although the museum closed years ago when it was open I wrote it a website see I occasionally get emails relating to the museum, usually from people with an interest in a particular vehicle.

The website was put together when my digital camera was fairly primitive so the pictures are fairly low definition even so there didn’t seem any particular reason to take it down when the museum closed.

One of the exhibits in the museum was a 1911 Swift motor car this week I got an email from a chap restoring a 1914 Swift without an engine and I was able to put him in touch with chap in Australia with one for sale.


  1. Glad to hear of shops opening I would go as far as to say the worst is over but I doubt it as the banks will probably finsh a few more off the ones who have weathered the storm and who could do with a bit of help. I am expecting the banks to want to do that to be able to write off some losses as they ramp up the charges to drive failing businesses over the edge with ridiculously high charges. I hate banks......... anyone noticed.

  2. Don I have to agree with you on that one I particularly don’t like the way they have manipulated things so that so many transactions are by card it means they get a cut every time someone buys something.

  3. I cant beleive KCC have no money to put the road right. What about the 90% Iceland Bank money they say they are getting back? What about all the other KCC schemes that drain money and are non essentials. Surely road safety is more inportant. What does the local KCC councilor say about this?


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