Thursday, 4 June 2009

Election day thoughts

Talking to people I know to day it would seem that many of them have or are going to register protest votes, this of course means that many of us have voted for political parties that we don’t know much about, I wonder if we will rue this day because of it.

It could be doubly dangerous because so many of us are pretty vague about what the European Parliament actually does, for example I didn’t vote for the Green Party as I am pretty sure they want to let the north Wantsum sea defences go and their attitude to nuclear power would be catastrophic for climate change.

I picked up this Times article from a comment on ECRs blog, which explains the situation better than I ever could.

The European Parliament has become so very powerful in terms of legislation restricting what we can do in this country and this makes me increasingly concerned about our remaining part of Europe, so I had little in the way of qualms about voting for UKIP today something I wouldn’t have done were it not for the expenses scandal.

For me the main problem with this business over the expenses is not that our MPs took money that they shouldn’t have done, as in terms of a governments budget it doesn’t amount to a great deal of money.

My real concern here is that as these people were happy to abuse the expenses system in this way so it follows that some of them may have been prepared to take bribes to change policy.

I am very concerned by the way our human environment, particularly our town centres and in town leisure facilities, is changing for the worse, it is obvious that the large companies that provide out of town shopping and leisure and benefit from this are powerful lobbyists and that many of our MPs are far less honest than we thought.

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  1. I never thought any politicians were honest. I thought politician meant "lying money grabber; not unlike a snake". People will try to get away with everything that they think they can get away with therefore an ever increasing level of transparency is the only way.


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