Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Commercial Group Properties vanish from Stock Exchange

The China Gateway development is one of the most important projects in Thanet, it doesn’t much matter if you are for or against it or like me have serious reservations about the way it is laid out on the drinking water supply, most interested Thanet residents probably want to keep an eye on it’s progress.

I periodically check its share price on The London Stock Exchange website, about ten days ago it just vanished form there, I am not sure what this signifies if anything.

I also noticed this announcement that doesn’t appear on the companies website.

“Substantial Shareholding

The Company were informed on 18 June 2009 that as at 28 May 2009 funds under the discretionary management of Laxey Partners Limited on behalf of Credit Suisse Client Nominees UK Ltd and Vidacos Nominees Limited hold 4,817,343 ordinary shares in the Company representing a holding of 22.94% of the Company's issued share capital and voting rights.”

Nothing unusual in the announcement, what is unusual is it not appearing here if you look at the share site performance graph on their homepage you can see everything stops about ten days ago and if you click on the graph it is supposed to take you to where they appear on the Stock Exchange website.

Thanks to Derrick I have also discovered their new website which is interesting click on the link to go there


  1. try here mike

  2. Derrick the info there is derived like the info elsewhere from the stock exchange and just stops after the 15th.

  3. they have got a new website

  4. Thanks Derrick I will put the link on this post in a mo it also has a contact email address so I have emailed them to ask them if they are still trading and where their share price can be found.

  5. Michael, the name change was presumably decided today at an EGM as Mr Wills and Seymour-Prosser have 66% of shares, so CGP becomes China gateway International tomorrow! Shares today at 16.5p!


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