Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ramsgate Maritime Museum agreement, KIA, Pleasurama, Marina Restaurant

The last few documents linked to http://thanetpress.blogspot.com/ are of considerable significance, so I thought it important to draw people’s attention to them, here as well.

The Meeting of Jun 16 2009 7:00PM, Cabinet is an important one among other things it is to make the final decision that should allow the maritime museum to reopen, it is also to decide if the people behind the Pleasurama development can offer sufficient financial guarantees to be allowed to go ahead.

The Meeting of Jun 17 2009 7:00PM, Planning Committee Marina Restaurant planning reference F/TH/09/0052 click on the link for the planning site http://www.ukplanning.com/thanet greatly improved plans have been submitted which it looks as though the committee will approve.

The Meeting of May 19 2009 7:00PM, Airport Working Party an important document summarising some of the problems with the airport and options for dealing with them.


  1. Michael thanks for publishing this I have just found something on the Cliftonville West housing fron that I should contact the council about .

  2. Thanks Michael - lovely photo too - didn't the Marina Parade look smart then?

  3. I find it extraordinary that the Marina Restaurant was demolished under very strange circumstances and within such a short time we see a 3 storey flat complex ( with a new extension)to contain 6 flats built there, as an application now before TDC planning.

    So the message is, have a Grade 2 listed building in a prime location and let it go to ruin; demolish it (because of neglect of maintainance) and then create 6 flats on the sea front to command premium prices as a replacement.A ll the time TDC is standing watching helplessly?
    It should either be preserved as it was or the site cleared and concreted over. Is this not akin to the planning by arson that we see on the north side of the Isle?

  4. The same planning application (09/0051 & 09/0052) was due to be heard in May's planning committee - with a recommendation to refuse:

    May 2009 Planning Agenda

    This item (17g/17h) was later withdrawn from the agenda.

    The latest document on the planning web site for applications F/TH/09/0051 and L/TH/09/0052 is dated 10 March 2009.

    I guess there must be a new improved design that hasn't yet found its way onto the planning web site.

  5. A pleasure Don I am trying to get the press releases blog about right, what I haven’t been able to get out of TDC yet is licensing applications, important as they don’t even appear on the councils website.

    18.42 didn’t it just.

    Bertie Fred I too am beginning to wonder if there are new plans and would be interested if anyone finds out anything about this.

    I objected to this on flood risk grounds as well, as the last resident of the accommodation above the restaurant had leave because the fire brigade said they were no longer prepared to rescue him when a high tide was accompanied by a storm.

    My understanding is that the ground floor shouldn’t be residential as it is in a high flood risk zone, so if they stuck to the rules they wouldn’t really get any more accommodation than was there before.

    It certainly needs some sort of escape to the cliff top if people are going to live in it, the people living under the arches can at least shelter upstairs in the arches.

    Funny thing the flood risk assessment it talks a lot about once in 200 year risk of the site flooding and seems to completely ignore the fact that it floods most winters and always has.

  6. Hi Michael, you seem surprised that the revamped Maritime Museum is unlikely to open this year.....the election was on 4th June........cynical or what?

  7. Allan I fear the plan may be to get them to invest heavily in the museum tug and dry dock without security of tenure so they have the option to sell or let the building to a commercial operation when the economic climate improves.

    I believe at the top of the boom its rental value was assessed as £78,000 pa here in the real commercial world the shop next door to me that is about the same size has just let for £10,000 pa.


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