Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Thanet District Council Cabinet to Decide on the Pleasurama Development Tonight

This is because the developer can’t get the bond, which was part of the development agreement this bond is to protect the council financially if anything goes wrong.

I suspect that the developer can’t get the bond because they have never actually developed anything that anyone knows about.

Or it could be because of the EAs letter click on the link http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/ea/id2.htm to read as those of you who have followed the ongoing saga of Pleasurama will know the new plans don’t have a flood risk assessment or emergency escapes to the cliff top both strongly recommended by the environment agency.

Which ever way it goes the main thing we need here in Ramsgate is to get the site clear for parking and leisure for this summer season, it is a council owned site in the middle of the main leisure part of the town, the fact that the council have allowed it to remain an abandoned building site for all this time is an appalling reflection on their concern for the town.

There have been several occasions when the councillors and officers could have rejected the plans or the sale of the site and this is one of them.

The trouble all stems from the council passing plans that didn’t fit in space available, between the floodline and the cliff top, since then the architects have made the plans worse by making numerous bad compromises to try and fit a five story building where there is only space for a four story one click on the link to look at some of them http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/tdc/id30.htm

The real danger with the Pleasurama development as planned is best illustrated by the fact that in the 1953 storm a 12 ton crane that had been working on the beach was tossed over the sea defence to where the building will be by the force of the sea

This video is widescreen so you will need to double click on it to see all of it.


  1. Good job you are up to speed with all the devious goings on Michael!? it is just so unbelievable that it just keeps going on?

  2. Seeing is believing now in Thanet! Pleasurama site, Marina Restaurant and Dreamland Heritage Park! TDC should back all of these development and the public behind them, if Thanet is to secure and to survive the best possible future and bring our seaside fame!

  3. IOTG last Friday, reported that the financial situation perhaps predicated a need for a smaller 'bond' (£1.6 million rather than £5.6 million)but failed to mention that planning consent was given 5 years ago and that at the height of the boom, the developers could not come forward with a 'bond' and get on with the job.

    Realistically, they will be incapable of doing so now, but TDC has probably already agreed to the smaller bond as I type.

    Would I be correct Michael in assuming that J Godden had an interest or may still have in 2 major sea-front developments that have stood derelict after arson/fires; ie Pleasurama and Dreamland?

  4. Application going in this morning for a Public-Enquiry to the new Secretary of State.

    Watch this space.

  5. Goodee - maybe at last we will find out who belongs to SFP Ventures and what assets they really have?

  6. Bertie to the best of my knowledge he still has an interest in Dreamland with Pleasurama it’s a different kettle of fish as the details of the ownership of SFP have always been shrouded in mystery.

    2.36 Please let me know if you get anywhere


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