Sunday, 12 August 2018

Ramsgate Margate pictures words

 Click in the pictures to expand them, it's well worth going onto google maps and selecting 3D to compare with the one above.
 I think this Margate one is about 1860
 This is Margate High Street in 1913

not dated
 and 1912
and 1905
 With these old photos of Ramsgate Sands Station I am always struck by how small the carriages are
 The harbour before the pontoons, no date on his one
 this one is 1957
 These two perhaps around 1920, what do you think?

 This around 1900 perhaps
 This is looking up Ramsgate High Street in 1917, before it was widened

We went to Margate today, bought some books for the bookshop, went to Turner contemporary

Had a look a JWM Turner's picture of a cat, history is unclear as to whether this cat owned JWM Turner, however it is clear that Turner used one of his paintings as a cat flap, which is proof that cats appreciate art.

Margate and the gallery were very busy considering the weather

Polar bears are something I don't have much experience apart from the average readers golden encompass, which suggests aesthetics are not a bear thing.

 off to the gallery's cafe for a bacon sarni and a cuppa

I fiddled about with my watercolour from there

Spot the difference?

Took a few photos this is the the link to them

Despite the warning of rain we also went for a walk in Ramsgate this evening. Took some more photos this is the link to them

Back to work in the bookshop tomorrow this is the link to the books that went out yesterday

Still on the bookshop front Spine Books has recently opened in Margate Art books, zines + printed matter shop 🏳️‍🌈📚art + design • lgbtqia • interiors + architecture • photography • culture. 9 Love Lane, Margate.


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