Monday, 6 August 2018

Ramsgate Margate Photos, Making up a bit of history

 Recognise the big big D and after 1964 from the reg
 You would need a special hat to drive something like that

Apologies I have just realised one of the pictures I was looking at while doing some research into a plane shot down over Margate during the war got included in this post in error. I removed it as it is copyright.

 With the aid of a special hat
building a speedboat in an an upstairs bedroom
 only really means removing the wall at some point
  The importance of special hats when driving at speed can't be over emphasised
 I should stress here that I am not a Margate historian so having looked at the photos I made the text up.

 Mind you the geographically disadvantaged text writer in Ramsgate gave me a bit of confidence 

 X of course marks the spot, which is probably where we stayed
 Note Wellington Crescent during its red period

This is back when Ramsgate had beach huts

on to today

Sketching from a different position over brunch at the Pav aka Spoons today

Really tucked in the corner today, this was due to the noise coming from the slipways and my tinnitus which I didn't want set off.

I think back in the day, before colour photography i guess, when people would sit down and sketch with watercolour, there just weren't so many vehicles in the way, so views from first floor level didn't happen much. You can see from the photo that it is difficult to give this sense of looking down.

It's looking as though it's going to another week before the bridge goes in on the crosswall

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