Sunday, 5 August 2018

Old Ramsgate and Margate photos a bit of sketching in Canterbury and today's photos.

 3 dated photos on the local beaches 1920
 1911 these are always useful; the I'm on my summer hols ones, for dating the other ones.
 Much more everyday clothes for standing on a whales head; the things people do.

 This is the only other dated one 1907, presumably from the postmark

I have been sketching in Canterbury today, I could say I have been shopping with my wife and children and I did go into a couple of bookshops, but didn't buy much.

various attempts to show what went wrong with the sketch above and not worked
basically the white building to the right of the reddish brown one is too wide. I think it is feint enough to get off and have another go. Frankly any practice and criticism I can get is good at the moment.

  I fiddled about with this one again

Including a pen sketch for putting the people in, tricky with the slight upwards incline.

next the links

Today's photos of Canterbury

Today's photos of Ramsgate 

The books that went out in the bookshop yesterday 

It is looking as thought the bridge on the crosswall will be reinstalled in the next few days, strange elf and safety seems to mean the public can no longer use the walkways on the mitre gates. 

I may add to this one after supper

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