Thursday, 9 August 2018

Rained off in Ramsgate

 I think the photo above would be 1920s because of the mixture of steam trawlers and fishing smacks. We started the day in Herne Bay, bought some books, then the rain started and after the recent heatwave it seemed welcome enough.
 Interesting that the flyer for a Ramsgate photographer is an engraved print and not a photograph. Probably before around 1900 when cheap reasonably good reproductions of photographs appeared
 Note the right hand side of the photo showing the old Queens Head pub

Here it is looking towards the Sands Station

An arrow pointing towards the distinctive bay window

 Local photos from between the wars often have a lot of smallish steamboats in them
 Although propeller driven boats existed by around 1840 they didn't really catch on very fast
 The smaller boats being mostly sail up until WW1
 and steam meaning a paddle steamer
Where was I? Oh yes diverted by the Queens Head and the steamers. The rain while welcome, and how nice it was to cool down - however on arrival on the edge of Canterbury it was obviously a bit wet for bookshopping. Later in Ramsgate a bit bit wet for photography, so you will have to make do with a timewarp out and about walk in August 2010 Here is the link to the photos    Unless of course you are more interested in Margate in which case you will probably prefer a timewarp out and about in Margate in August 2010 Here is the link to the photos

Back to work in the bookshop tomorrow and for the dedicated followers of the the books we have just priced and put on the shelves Here is the link to the photos 

It isn't always easy to return books, even when earnestly requested, I for one am always glad that I just buy and sell books and have never got into the lending, or for that matter the renting out of pianos business.

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