Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Watching paint wosisname and other pictures

I skived for a painting lunch at Spoons aka The Royal Victoria Pavilion, the top being after and the bottom before - the spot the difference situation leads me to feel you may need telling. 
Watercolour and paper is an odd combination when it comes to rubbing stuff out, so it's best to add a little at a time. I think the picture may already be in the paper and just need revealing, anyway I got some sort oblivion while painting and am now surprised by the buildings appearing more wosisname.

Mi panorama from the Pav aka Spoons was a bit pedestrian due to not being able to see the phone screen
This is the link to the full size file School holiday early afternoon, luverly day, 'bout 2 and not that busy on the sands

 The view from the cafe culture is mostly the sides of cars, which don't seem right
 Far too much traffic coming on to Harbour Parade, realising it goes nowhere and going out again, so far more traffic than need be.
 I moaned at the mayor and town clerk about this as the were both there.
prapz the dead end sign needs to be at the entrance and not at the dead end
Some sort of bird in the harbour
and other photos on the camera card for today this is the link to them

Historic local photos next

 The sundeck one says 1933 onit,

 Never seen the henge around the fountain before, it says 1929 on the file, presumably derived from the postmark

Just finished supper and adding a photo for any aspiring art critics, well to be honest mostly for my own record 

I really do think that this must be one of the best places to paint from in the UK

I am reading Murakami again, so guess anything could come out of the woodwork

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