Friday, 2 August 2019

Air Quality and old pictures

As you may know I have an interest Thanet's air quality, this is partly to do with local history and the perceived health giving properties of our sea air and partly due to the various air polluting activities upwind of Thanet and in Thanet itself.

Dealing with my emails from the weekend this morning one of them was Thanet Council's press release about air quality

here is the link to it

It all works very well unless you actually read it following the links to the pages they go to.

Using the first link in the release. "Thanet District Council has been monitoring the level of pollution in the area since 1993 and currently does so at 32 different locations all over the district." Seems to mean  NO2 only locations.

The second link is to a KCC consultation, I will try to fill this out if I get the time.

The third link is to subscribe to air quality alerts

The only thing the council do seem to be monitoring across the district is Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

This is explained in the 2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) linked to the press release

here is the link

My main interest in local air quality was triggered by the Manston Airport DCO and a mistake in their environmental report about how far the particulates smaller than 2.5 microns travel. I never got this one resolved, neither RSP or pins seemed to be able to deal with an outright blunder which was the equivalent of basing all of the information on 2.5 particulates on something like, air being heavier than water.

My main concern about what is usually called PM2.5 pollution is that as well as reducing life expectancy it is thought to lead to the early onset of dementia.

The worrying thing here is that so far TDC haven't got as far as measuring it anywhere in Thanet.

Recently with the councils, particularly TDC I am getting a fair bit of stuff that doesn't seem to work properly. for example in the 2019 Air Quality Annual Status Report (ASR) dated June 2019 it says :- " To view the locations of publicly available electric vehicle charging points in Thanet and nearby, please visit: which takes you to domain that is for sale" and makes you wonder if the council are paying for a non existent service. Of course the rest of us just look for a charging point on Google Maps.

 On to the rest of the blog post, here in Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate my bookcase building activities over the last few weeks have produced another 30 shelves in the bookshop nearly all of which have already got books on them.

Here is the link to the pictures of the books we put out today 

Supper on the sundeck of the pavilion tonight, not much on the photo front but
Here's the link


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  1. Very interesting collection, lovely quality colour postcards of old Margate a real bygone age.


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