Sunday, 11 August 2019

Focus on Broadstairs and folk week Folk week

Broadstairs doesn't change rapidly down the years and sometimes when you look at archive photos it is almost as though the same people have put on different clothes, entered a time machine and gone on holiday.  

 This is from a 1940s holiday guide which we should have in stock in the bookshop.
 Worth a browse if you are over in Ramsgate
 The map from it is pretty much usable today.

 This photo dates from 1904 as do the next few

This was a greengrocer for many years before becoming part of Albion secondhand bookshop which is now The Chapel, a bar with books.

on to Folk Week

this link should take you to previous posts about folk week going back 10 years with photos and videos

We went today

this is the link to today's pictures at Broadstairs Folk Week

I went to the Albion Hotel for a cuppa and sketched the group playing there until they stopped playing for a break
Handy for me as I don't seem to have mastered sketching from photos.

The art of the gif is still in the early stages with me.

Yep Broadstairs don't change much.

Back to bookselling
This was taken in Broadstairs Bookshop in Albion Street today, which although fairly small is well worth a visit, reasonably priced and we bought quite a few books there today.

Finally Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate

here is the link to the books we put out for sale yesterday 

Back to work for us tomorrow

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