Sunday, 4 August 2019

Harbour parade in the 1800s and so on

 Two of the big changes to the layout of Ramsgate both happened in the 1890s one was the building of the distinctive red brick arches beside the harbour and the other was the building of Madeira Walk and the waterfall.

With Madeira Walk the main building that had to go was the Albion Hotel, you don't see a great many photos of it. It was from this hotel that Tissot painted when he came to Ramsgate and if this interests you here is the link to my blog post about this

 The Moss Rose, one of several boats of that name locally, I think this is the one owned and skippered by Albert John Emptage
 A fairly early photo of Margate here note the bathing houses with frontages on the lower High Street and steps going down into the sea approximately in the middle of where the Sands Hotel is built now
 A couple of 1930s pictures of Margate Bathing Pavilion

 The file name on this photo says "Friend to all Nations and Flora 1860
 If you wonder about what was involved in taking a photo in Margate in the 1860s expand this one and not the camera and photographers on the scaffold in the middle of the photo.
 I had a lazy day at the Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Wetherspoons here in Ramsgate, I probably should have been out taking photos of Margate Carnival, so sorry about not doing that.

Date wise the picture above looks to be about 1910 and the one below after 1938/9 as the Sun Cafe now part of the Royal Harbour Brasserie is on the end of the East Pier.

Here is today's watercolour sketch of Ramsgate Sands from the sundeck of the pavilion, not many photos on the camera card but here's the link

Workwise here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate

Link to the photos of the books we put out yesterday

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