Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Margate photos 1998 and 1997 Flowing Bowl Cherry orchard demolition and aerial views of Ramsgate

 Sorry about this one, someone sent me the photos for the blog and I managed to lose them (ITC fail) now I have found the photos but - you guessed I have lost the email so don't know who sent them.

 With the aerial shots I have lost track of the ones I have published recently, so look the other way if you have to.

 Most of this is removing the remains of the jetty after the 1987 hurricane, some say it was Michael Fish's fault.

It's far too hot to work so I have been huddled over the aircon reading, among other things The Sketch for sometime in 1907. I thought I would share a bit with you. This is only 112 years ago and a fair proportion of it if published today could get the photographer and participants into trouble.

Some books did get priced and put out for sale
Photos of the books

I am considering a cartoon, finding features etc of guess who

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