Saturday, 3 August 2019

Some old Thanet pictures Margate Carnival tomorrow and a bit of a ramble at the end.






I went of to the pavilion aka spoons for a bit of sketching and reading, just a bit of a break really as there were plenty of other workers at Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate.

I took a few photos to show how busy Ramsgate Sands was today, I think the trick here is to get the photo definition low enough not to be able to identify people, which I consider intrusive, but shrp enough to provide a record of how Ramsgate is doing this year tourist wise.

 The pictures should expand when clicked on here on the blog. This ability expand pictures to a reasonable size is one of the reasons I still use a Google Blogger hosted blog to write text and put up local photos.

I am interested to know what people think about this approach.

 Margate Carnival tomorrow sorry if the gif from 2013 is a bit queasy I am getting better at doing them
Link 1 Margate Carnival 2013 photos

Link 2 Margate Carnival 2013 photos

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