Wednesday, 15 January 2020

A bad time for businesses in Ramsgate and some mystery photos

 Q1 Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 Q 2  Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 Q3  Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 Q4  Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 Q5 Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 Q6  Name and location of this Ramsgate business

 I think that's enough of the questions so a bit of a look at the seafront.
 This is the demolition of Pleasurama

 some out and about photos 
 The Duke of Kent aka Swiss Cottage aka Brace's,
 demolition has started

 New Look closure is underway

 Not much left inside
Bonmarché says it's closing

What the solution to large empty shops in fairly small town centre like Ramsgate's is I don't really know. I know the largest expense by far is wages then perhaps a quarter of that rent and about half of that rates.

In the medium term if anything works it will be automation, but I think this will have to go much further than just automated tills. If we want actual shops in the the future I think we will have to make concession on facial recognition and robots filling the shelves.

here at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate we have pretty much gone the other way, but if we had to make a profit rather than a proportion of our living then I think we would be long gone.

on to the mystery photo answers
Station Approach Road

 Here text about this photo from the book August 1940 link to buy the book  although you would be better off coming into the bookshop and browsing it

"Station Approach Road
In Wrecked houses met his gaze in Elmstone Road. It was there that an aged lady was taken from her Anderson shelter which had sustained practically a direct hit. She was badly injured, but is now on the way to recovery.

In Station Approach Road; and the lower end of Stanley Road, there was not a single house which had not suffered. One at least was entirely demolished and others were minus roofs it was in this neighbourhood that a police officer was killed (No. 29. P.C. Ticehurst) as he was sleeping after being on duty the previous night."
 York Tavern 5 York Street Ramsgate

The rest of the mystery photos were all from one page of the book "Margate and Westgate With Birchington 1903-04" so the page with the text above has all of the answers. link to the buy it now page for the book

Frankly coming into the bookshop and giving it a browse is your best option if you can, remember we are closed Thursdays and Sundays.

Here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate it has been a fairly quiet day, I put this down to the weather and the busses not running to here due to the roadworks

link to the books we put out

It's a strange thing to me how in what seems to be a retail disaster here in Ramsgate the bookshop mostly rumbles along as though the world outside hasn't really changed.

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